About Us

Batıkent Educational Institutions was founded for the purpose of providing the best service in the field of education in 2016. The very existence of Batıkent Educational Institutions is to offer the youngsters of our country best educational opportunities with which they can experience national and multicultural values that they will hand down to the next-generation. In the same year, Private Batıkent Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and High Schools were started with the aim of passing on our institutional values, which are based on universal features, to the future generation. Batıkent Educational Institutions sits on 10,000 square meters where it has 44 technologically-equipped classrooms, drama, music and art rooms, science laboratories and sports halls in total. 
Our Values

Batıkent Educational Institutions adheres to the principle of continuous development in line with democracy, secularism and republicanism. Staff at Batıkent Educational Institutions enthusiastically embraces the values of democracy, secularism and republicanism.

Being a member of Batıkent Educational Institutions represents loyalty, solidarity and cooperation. 

By upholding the aforementioned values, staff at Batıkent Educational Institutions firmly believes that they can achieve their dream of educating a generation of youngsters who: 

Seek academic perfectionism
Focus on being scientific
Are fair and eager to struggle
Are modern and loyal to their national values
Are honest, respectful, benevolent and cognizant of the vitality of diversity

Learning by experience,
Student-oriented education,
Supporting education with international programs,
Internalizing knowledge,
Gaining analysis-synthesis abilities,
Gaining useful hobbies,
Finding out skill and creativity,
Encouraging curiosity within students,
Creating healthy connections between school and daily life.
In order to use technology in education, all teachers give courses with the help of information technologies to all students from the preschool to 12th grade in the framework of Technological Education Project in Batıkent Education Association. Started in 2016, we will continue using technology as a tool to achieve scientific success. We will provide education with the help of Google education applications and other applications in the concept of academic systems. Moreover, 3D designed class activities will be done in our laboratories and tech-classes.
Non-stop education in Batıkent

Batıkent Education Associations provide non-stop education from preschool to 12th grade. In Batıkent, we are raising a youth that is aiming for academic excellence, has the will to struggle, is just, modern, respectful, helping, has the awareness of nation and culture, is respecting diversity and honesty.
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