Education at Batıkent

Under the leadership of Mr Mensuri ÇARIKÇIOĞLU, who has an educator hat and is our Founder, Batıkent College entered the field of education in 2016-2017 academic year with the aim of offering pupils best educational services and preparing them for the future in the best way possible. Batıkent College firmly sticks to the National Curriculum of Turkish Education Ministry besides closely following the latest developments and trends in the field of education. 

It’s our aim to teach pupils how to learn better and inform them about lifelong learning through the method of Creative School and Classes of Inquisitive Minds. 

Academic Achievement

At Batıkent College, we aim to develop our pupils’ social, artistic and academic skills by helping them to question and learn through experience. It’s our one of top priorities that our pupils at Batıkent College grow up as self-confident, cultured individuals and initiators. We also intend to help our pupils get ready for the national exams both at secondary and high school level, which are a fact of our National Educational System. For that purpose, we hold extra classes for students with a deficiency in any subjects. 

Foreign Languages

It’s a well-known fact that speaking a foreign language isn’t enough in today’s world. As a result, we aim to teach German, Spanish alongside with English to our pupils at Batıkent College in line with modern language teaching methods. 

One-to-one Tutoring

Pupils at Batıkent College are allowed to take advantage of one-to-one tutoring courses depending on their exam scores and their overall performance. Our teachers at Batıkent College give special treatment to our pupils during one-to-one tutoring so that they can satisfy their learning needs and demands.  

Practice Tests

We administer practice tests at Batıkent College for our pupils to perform well and stay focused on their studies. We meticulously assess and evaluate the results to ensure that our pupils to be aware of their deficiencies in any subjects and they can compensate for weaknesses. 

A Foreign Language to Speak 

Our main target with foreign language education is to enable our pupils to be efficient and independent language users of English, German and Spanish. With this end in view, we follow a program with an emphasis on speaking skills through drama and musical activities conducted by native and non-native teachers who are well-trained in all areas of language teaching. 

Club Activities At Batıkent College

At Batıkent Collage, there are a number of clubs run by well-trained specialists and we encourage our pupils to join at least one of them. Our pupils have the full use of Chess Club, Swimming Club, Basketball Club, Sports Club, Drama Club and Dance Clubs at Batıkent College.

Our Educational Aims

It’s the aim of Batıkent College to achieve higher ranks in education and bring up a highly-educated generation of youngsters to meet the challenges of the modern world 

With this in mind, we’re continuously carrying out work on academic development and teaching methods at Batıkent College. In this respect, we’re also taking firm steps forward to be ahead of time and a prestigious educational institution by combining top educational systems both across the world and in our country with that of ours. 

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