Our Educational Aims


Our Educational Aims

It’s the aim of Batıkent College to achieve higher ranks in education and bring up a highly-educated generation of youngsters to meet the challenges of the modern world 

With this in mind, we’re continuously carrying out work on academic development and teaching methods at Batıkent College. In this respect, we’re also taking firm steps forward to be ahead of time and a prestigious educational institution by combining top educational systems both across the world and in our country with that of ours. 

In line with our aims, Batıkent College

Stimulates intrinsic motivation to learn more in pupils

Administers an educational program with which pupils gain self-confidence, become socially responsible and environmentally friendly and develop both morally and academically so that they can make a meaningful contribution to society, whether locally or further afield

Closely monitors academic development of pupils to ensure that they can achieve higher both in national and international exams

Arranges scientific, artistic, sporting and social activities to ensure that pupils acquire the skills needed in the 21st century 
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