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It is essential to provide catering services that meets the health and diet standards. Catering menus are prepared by the catering manager and dietitian in consideration of the age and food groups, daily calorie intake need and taste. Especially, the works regarding healthy diet, including salad bar, has an important place. Food is served in self-service manner and in hygienic conditions. Materials used in preparation of the food are supervised by HACCP. Kitchens are periodically checked by a team of food engineers and technical staff in terms of food reliability and quality.


Our health staff work full time in school so as to keep health services running and be ready for emergency action. The general health condition of our students and the hygiene condition of our school is kept under check all day by our school nurse. It is very important for our students to fill out the health forms which include their health information in order to carry out health controls. Any kind of injury is aided firstly by the school nurse and parents are immediately informed. In case of serious accidents that might occur in the school premises, injured students are immediately sent to the nearest hospital and parents are informed. .


In our school, security is adequate to provide safety for every student regarding any possible threat and a professional team consisting of adequate personnel works for the security. Our school is under security supervision for 24 hours by security cameras and security team and every exit or entry is being watched. Students can be given to parents or individuals that were notified to the school beforehand. Without the written confirmation from the parents, this rule will apply without any question. Security service is provided by the teams of a professional company. Security personnel, as required by law, have the required skills and certification


Expert personnel work in this area and other related staff is being trained accordingly. Cleaning is done periodically in terms of hygienic work and living area and cleaning is being supervised and checked weekly and monthly.


Transportation of students is done by professional shuttles. Shuttles that are used for transport are new vehicles and under insurance. Vehicles are kept under routine check-up every month. Our Batıkent Private Preschool in Mimaroba is a special educational association which has a disciplinary program based on collaboration for 4 – 5 year olds. While in our preschool, we work to help our students develop basic skills, (scientific, psychomotor, socio-emotional, lingual and self-esteem), school maturity and other sub-skills necessary for school, studies of literal skills take place in prep classes. Courses start after 08:45.

School – Family Collaboration

We strongly believe in the bilateral school – family relation for the improvement of students. It is very important for school – family relation to be strong for the improvement of children as well. In our school, we periodically conduct individual meetings of parents and teachers. Class teachers, guidance teachers and branch teachers join the meetings. Detailed information regarding the improvement of the students is given. Our association highly respects confidentiality and individual values. Therefore, each meeting is done separately for each parent. We share our latest information and announcements routinely at Weekly Activity Calendar and School Bulletin. Moreover, we use Contact File and Mind Book works help information flow.

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