Her bir öğretmen, kendi uzmanlığıyla yeni bir dünyanın kapılarını açacak. Her branş yeni bir keşif başlatacak. Eğitim sistemimizin temel geçiş dönemi olarak adlandırdığımız ortaokul, gerek yaş grubu, gerekse müfredat itibari ile özel bir uzmanlıkla hazırlanacak programlara ihtiyaç duyar. Ortaokul çocuklarımız, artık temel bilgilerin ötesine geçen, spesifik branşlarda eğitim görmeye başlar. BATIKENT EĞİTİM KURUMLARI bilginin keyifle keşfedildiği eğitim programlarıyla çocukların odağını kendinde toplar; farklılaşan sosyal ve psikolojik ihtiyaçlarına yönelik aktivitelerle tam destek sağlar.
One-to-one Tutoring

Pupils at Batıkent College have the full use of one-to-one tutoring opportunities depending on their scores in practice exams. Our teachers at Batıkent College give special treatment to our pupils during one-to-one tutoring so that they can satisfy their learning needs and demands.


Okulumuzda yapılan tüm sınavların sınav analizleri yapılarak öğrencinin performansı izlenir.. Böylelikle öğrencilerimiz rehavete kapılmadan, bütün bir yılı aktif bir değerlendirmeye tabi tutularak, yüksek performansla geçirir.

Practice Tests

We administer practice tests at Batıkent College for our pupils to perform well and stay focused on their studies as of Year 4. We meticulously assess and evaluate the results to ensure that our pupils to be aware of their deficiencies in any subjects and they can compensate for weaknesses.

A Foreign Language to Speak

Our main target with foreign language education is to enable our pupils to be efficient and independent language users of English, German and Spanish. With this end in view, we follow a program with an emphasis on speaking skills through drama and musical activities conducted by native and non-native teachers who are well-trained in all areas of language teaching.

The Winner’s Club

At Batıkent Collage, there are a number of clubs run by well-trained specialists and we encourage our pupils to join at least one of them. Our pupils have the full use of Chess Club, Swimming Club, Basketball Club, Sports Club, Drama Club and Dance Clubs at Batıkent College.


Surveillance cameras are in operation in such a way that there aren’t any covert areas at Batıkent College. Not only video footage is recorded on a daily basis but it’s watched live by security guards. All separate sections of the interiors are equipped with fire alarms and they are instantaneously monitored at the Central Security Desk. At Batıkent College, there are fire exit stairs, on the floors of which there are fire-hose cabinets, in line with health and safety regulations in Turkey. The lightning system totally runs on LEDs and an emergency generator is available. In most corners of the building are there fire alarm buttons and disconnect switches. Inside the building, laminated glass whose fragments tend to adhere to the plastic layer and remain largely intact in the event of breaking has been used for the purpose of reducing the risk of injury. Classroom doors, made of materials resistant to fire and smoke, have glass panels through which class teaching is observed from the outside. All the electric and data cables, sockets in our classrooms and laboratories are out of reach. Pupils have been restricted from the use of the elevators at some passage points. Only staff with a digital pass card is allowed to enter. All of the school lockers have been firmly fixed to the wall. Moreover, the sinks for pupils have been firmly supported from below by iron clips and have a strength.

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